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ATTENTION: Our Name Has Changed!
Faith International University (FIU) is the new name for Faith Evangelical College & Seminary. Our traditional name, Faith Seminary, is the graduate school of FIU (8.8.2016).

This Personal Reference Form is to be completed by a Christian friend (preferably not a relative) of someone applying for admission to FIU.

Please complete this form ONLY if you have been requested to do so by someone applying for admission to Faith Seminary.

If you have questions, please contact our Office of Admissions ( or 888.777.7675 ext. 121).

Reference: Personal

  • Information About The Person You Are Recommending

    To the best of your ability, fill in the information about the applicant (the person who is seeking admission to Faith International University).

  • Information About Yourself

    Complete the following information about yourself (the person providing this reference).

  • Evaluation

    The Admissions Committee would appreciate your evaluation of the person you are recommending (the name you stated above). Your honest response to these questions in this form will help us perform a careful evaluation of the applicant.

    Respond to the following questions to the best of your knowledge. The applicant must address these same questions on the formal application.
  • Check all of the choices that pertain to the applicant:

  • Statement of Recommendation

    In considering the applicant's suitability for seminary study and overall potential for ministry, summarize your recommendation for the applicant by selecting one of the following:

  • Reference Submission

    By typing your name into the signature space blow, you are declaring that the applicant named in this form has requested you to complete this reference as part of his/her admission process to Faith International University, and that you responded truthfully (to the best of your knowledge) to all of the questions in this form.