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The Wes Neal School of Sports Ministry is named after Wes Neal, author of the benchmark book on the integration of sport and faith entitled, “The Handbook on Athletic Perfection,” and a founding father in the sports ministry movement in this generation. The school features curriculum from Wes Neal, Ron Brown and Gordon Thiessen at Kingdom Sports. The school also features the philosphical root system of coach and National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame inductee, Frosty Westering.

The Wes Neal School of Sports Ministry at Faith International University & Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.


Scotty Kessler, Director of Discipleship and Sports Ministry
B.A., Pacific Lutheran University
Extension: 110

The Wes Neal School of Sports Ministry at Faith International University & Seminary in Tacoma, Washington. Pictured is Scotty Kessler, John Wheeler, Wes Neal, Ron Brown, and Gordon Thiessen.

Scotty Kessler is the Director of The Robert Coleman School of Discipleship and The Wes Neal School Of Sports Ministry at Faith International University and Seminary in Tacoma (WA) where he is also an adjunct professor in both programs.

His primary focus is on supporting the nation of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide in prayer. Additionally, he partners on initiatives related to advancing the Kingdom of God through disciple-making and through the integration of sport and faith.

His vocational background is primarily in football coaching. He has over 35 years of Head and Assistant Football Coaching and Consulting experience, having coached at the college level in the states of Washington, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas and at the High School level on the West Coast and in Florida.

He lives in the Fort Myers Florida area with his wife Tammy and daughter Rylee. Additionally, he has two adult sons, Taylor and Reid Roelofs.


SPT 270 Competing Biblically 1 (5)
This course discusses the philosophy of coaching with a biblical approach to competition that develops character in athletes and brings honor to God. The course also emphasizes servant-leadership principles and biblical ethics.

SPT 275 Competing Biblically 2 (5)
This course further discusses the philosophy of coaching with a biblical approach to competition and covers areas of sports ministry not covered in the introductory class.

SPT 360 Sports History, Culture, and Ministry (5)
This class prepares pastors, sports missionaries, and lay leaders to understand the history and culture of sports and to utilize the platform and vehicle sports provide as it reaches millions of people each week.

SPT 365 Introduction to Sports Outreach (5)
This course discusses introductory principles and methods of sports outreach, including leadership styles, sports ethics and law, and how to integrate faith and sports through discipleship and evangelism, .

SPT 409 Discipleship and Coaching (5)
This course discusses how to compete with the Word of God, by the power of God, to the glory of God. It also emphasizes four principles of sports coaching: (1) Excellence, (2) Intentional Messages, (3) Competing Upside Down, and (4) Discipleship.

SPT 415 Sports Ministry Practicum (5)
This course provides a practical, hand’s-on opportunity for students to practice the materials learned in various sports ministry courses.

The vision for the School of Sports Ministry is that it begins as elective classes within existing undergraduate programs at Faith International University. Eventually, the School of Sports Ministry will evolve into actual undergraduate and graduate degree programs and it will become an emphasis in Sports Ministry at the doctoral level. These are all extremely rare opportunities within the current landscape of the U.S. educational system.

An “emphasis” in Sports Ministry can be applied to any of our existing undergraduate programs by taking electives in the Sports Ministry category in our current Academic Catalog.